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[Gundam SeeD/Destiny] Sleeping Handsome
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"So…what is the country you came from?"

It was a difficult question to answer. But she needed to say something, anything, since he was the first one who wanted to smooth the sharp ends of their relations.

"Well…"she began, trying to find the right words, "it's really far away from here. I can't say that there is something special about my country, but we're famous for high technologies".

She really tried hard not to sound too suspicious. When she looked at the Prince with the corner of her eye, she noticed that he didn't pay much attention to her words. He was deep in thoughts and concern could be read all over his handsome young face. Luna, being as curious as a cat, couldn't stand but ask:

"Is anything bothering you, Your Highness? You look a little frustrated".

"It's nothing", he answered in a sullen voice. "I was just wondering who killed the dragon outside the castle. And why it was there in the first place".

"Well, it was me, who killed it", she said solemnly and then added confused, "but I have no answer for your second question".

The Prince stopped on his tracks and looked at her with widened eyes.

"It's a lie. You're a woman! There is no way you could kill a huge monster without weapon, not to mention that it's not a women's job and that my father ordered to exterminate all the dragons a long time ago!"

The first part of the sentence caught her very pride—the pride of a soldier, the pride of a woman!

"Excuse me! I can't see any difference! Even if I'm a girl, why can't I do the things that I know I can cope with? Even if it's men's job I had no choice but to kill that dragon or else I could be killed instead!"

Seeing a fragile girl killing a dragon? Don't be ridiculous!

"Where is the proof that it was you who killed it?" he arched his elegant eyebrow to put more effect to their debate.

"Why should I prove something to a total stranger whose ego is higher than himself?"

The girl's face was all red because of the anger that she felt boiling in her blood. He was…urgh…she had no words in her mind to describe what he was!

"Maybe because you don't have the evidence? " was his sarcastic question.

Well, he was in danger but unfortunately he didn't even suspect of it. With his question he pushed the red bottom of her self-control. And so the true argue began. She was going to say something, or maybe even do something to him for his offending words. Nobody could tell for sure for how long their shouts could last if they wouldn't have been interrupted by a sudden high squall.

Being a trained soldier with great sense of justice, Luna left a still shouting boy and ran at the direction of the sound.

An amused Prince, who found himself all alone between the trees, couldn't just stand there still when he was abandoned insolently.

He followed the girl and found her hiding in the bushes in a sitting position. She was looking at something carefully.

"You know, it's not polite to run away in the middle of our talk", he assumed.

"Quite!" she hissed, pressing an index finger to her pink lips.

Of course he wouldn't have followed her advice but the sudden sound of woman's squall made him change his mind. The Prince sat beside Luna and began to do the same thing as her—watching.

They happened to become witnesses of a scene where two men in armors and swords on their belts wanted to commit something indecent to a young girl with long auburn air. Her dress was ripped and she tried to cover her upper body with her arms. It was her who squalled. And her squalls meant that she was crying for help.

"I can't let them do this!" said Luna and turned her head to look at the Prince…who was absent from his sit. She looked around and found him standing with his drawn sword.

"What are you doing?" she asked him in disbelief.

The Prince tightened his grip around the hilt of his sword and with narrowed eyes answered solemnly:

"A lady is in danger! I must save her or else I shouldn't be called a prince!"

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She just rolled her eyes. Really, he looked very enthusiastic.

"Wait a minute," Luna stood up and came closer to a valiant royal heir. "Let me do this. You wanted a proof of my strength, right? So, here is a chance for you to see that all I said earlier was truth. So, what is your answer?"

He gifted her with a look like she was crazy.

"I won't allow you to do it. You are a woman as her," he pointed behind the bushes where the girl tried to scratch the man's face.

"There is no time to argue again, Prince!" the captain demanded. "Give me your cloak. If they react for my dress the same way as you, it would be a little troublesome to knock them out".

He just fumed. From what he had seen she was serious about it.

"I agree," he hissed with arrogance while taking off his long deep-red cloak. Luna took it quickly from his hands and wrapped herself in it.

"Now I will show you that I'm not that weak as you think".

"Whatever, just don't cry for my help when you get trapped," he said watching her disappear in the bushes.


Lunamaria stepped into a view of the scene.

"Get your hands away from her!" she ordered in a serious tone.

The men didn't listen to what she said. When they noticed her presence they just smiled at each and nodded.

Watching their actions she couldn't stand but repeat her words.

"I said let her go! How dare you attack a harmless girl! You're barbarians!"

"Now-now…" said one of the armored men, who started to approach her with an evil grin on his face. "You are a pretty little one. We are the guardians of King Jibril's squad. We're authorized to do anything we want".

"How low you have fallen! I hate such men as you!"

In a blink of an eye she ran towards the soldier and punched his nose, which sent him to fall on the ground and suffer from the pain in his broken nose. While he was counting the stars around his head, the girl took off his helmet and hit him at the neck, causing him to attend a world of wonderland.

The second guardian forgot about his victim and ran to Luna to teach her good manners, but she was more flexible than he expected. Without any difficulties she sagged back from his blow and then kicked his helmetless head with her long leg with all strength she had in that position.

Both men lay on the ground unconscious.

The scared girl looked at her savior with shiny eyes. When Hawke was sure that there was no danger anymore she came closer to the girl and asked if she was alright.

"Thank you so much for saving me, miss" she began to bow furiously.

"Oh, please, stop doing this. What is your name?" Luna asked with a smile.

The auburn-haired girl straightened herself.

"My name is Miriallia Haw. I was on my way to the castle when those soldiers attacked me and…" The tears started to form in her sky-blue eyes.

"Please calm down. They won't harm you anymore. Why did you go to the castle?"

At the moment both girls heard a sound of an approaching galloping horse. In a minute they saw a handsome young man with blonde hair and dark-complexioned skin. His bright violet eyes made a noticeable contrast with his face. He was riding a white horse and was dressed in shining silver-coloured armors.

"My-my," he said when came up to the girls. "What are you doing all alone in this area?" he asked playfully.

Luna was the one who answered his question.

"Sir, I see you are a nobleman due to your banner on your chest armor. Those two soldiers attacked this girl on her way to the castle. You must improve the discipline in your army. If we—the commoners—should be protected from the army, than who will protect us from the enemy?"

The words made sense. His face turned serious and he narrowed his violet eyes at the men.

"How dare you dishonor the glorious name of Zaft Kingdom?"

The soldiers who had gained consciousness by that time stood up immediately and bowed to the man on the horse.

"We are very sorry, Sir! It will never happen again!"

The nobleman looked at them contemptuously.

"You will get your punishment later. Now, get lost from my sight."

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And they did as were told.

"Thank you, sir. I see you are a good person" Thanked him Luna.

And indeed, he didn't look like those soldiers. His posture, the manner of speaking and the quality of armors told that he was a member of bourgeoisie.

"If some of my men are bad-behaved it doesn't mean that I'm the same as them".

The gaze of his concentrated eyes fell on Miriallia, who was wrapping her arms around herself to cover the nude parts of her upper body. She was blushing furiously under his gaze.

Luna noticed the awkward situation and decided to interfere.

"Sir, as I told you earlier, she was attacked by your soldiers and they ripped her dress. Then I came to help her but they wanted to do the same thing to me".

Well, it helped. He wasn't looking at the poor girl anymore but gifted the short-haired captain with a curious look.

"So, and who have saved you then?"

Miriallia looked at her savior inquiring. She didn't understand what the mysterious girl wanted to say.

Luna understood that she couldn't stand out from the crowed as it was too dangerous for her mission, so she decided to pretend being a weak and fragile girl. All in all, she decided to pretend being a woman. She looked at the ground and said in a very sweet and at the same time trembling voice.

"When there was no hope for us, a Prince came and rescued us! He gave me his cloak because I was naked".

That was true. According to Prince's reaction, she indeed could be called naked. Just remember the word that he described her at their first meeting. Would you be happy to hear such characterization of yourself from a handsome young man, a Prince none the less!

She didn't like to lie but there was no choice. She had to hide her identity now. And that was the only way. Hawke was really very sorry for not giving the cloak to a girl who needed it the most at that time, but at the moment it was impossible due to the presence of a certain person.

Miriallia looked at the girl with surprise written all over her face. And the nobleman's cheeks flushed a bright red after the last phrase. But he summoned all his willpower and after clearing his throat, said:

"A Prince? But there are no princes in this area. The nearest Kingdom who has an heir is ORB, but it has a matriarchy, what means that The Queen Cagalli is the ruler of the Kingdom. And I don't think that it was Prince Kira, her twin brother, because he is engaged to Queen Lacus of PLANT Kingdom and is living there at the moment. And the less of all I think about King Athrun of ORB as he won't dare to disobey his wife Queen Cagalli and leave the castle's walls, knowing that our Kingdoms are on the stadia of war".

The blond man ended his hard conclusions and looked at the girls who were watching him like he was an alien or something. No really, if Luna was afraid to reveal her true identity, that guy told everything about the political situation between the kingdoms, not to mention that he told the total strangers about personal lives of the monarchs.

On the other hand, Miriallia, who had been living here from her childhood, heard the names of the rulers of the neighbor kingdoms for the first time in her life. She even learnt who was engaged and who was already married. And all that information came in the blink of an eye.

What concerned the captain of the military forces the most was the last sentence.

"A war?" she whispered with her cold lips. The word made her body tense.

The man noticed what stupor he had made the girls to come into, and hurried to change the topic.

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"But it's not women's job to think of. Please," he jumped from the horse and walked to a suddenly blushing girl with long silky hair. By looking at her red face he couldn't but smile. He took off his black cloak and wrapped the girl's fragile form in it. Her body tensed under his actions and she hid her eyes with an auburn forelock. "Take this. As the leader of my squad, I'm awfully sorry for what my men have done. I beg you a pardon, miss".

With those words he bowed to her. She was very confused and couldn't say a word.

"My name is Baron Dearka Elsman. May I know you name, beautiful miss?"

"I'm Miriallia Haw," she answered shyly.

The Baron smiled gently.

"You have a very beautiful name, Miriallia. Tell me, why do you want to go to the castle? Maybe I can help you? I was just heading there before I met you here".

The girl took a deep breath than closed her eyes and began to speak:

"I wanted to see my fiancé. He was taken by the guard as every single man in our village to work at the mines and pits of the Kingdom. I haven't seen him for 2 long years. I want to know if he is alright. I miss him so much. We were going to get married the next day but they took him from me right before the wedding".

The Baron watched as the girl in front of him was clutching the fabric of his expensive cloak and loosing hot tears. He couldn't stand seeing women's tears. The view was too heartbreaking for his young heart.

"Don't cry, beauty. I, the Baron Elsman, the 3d of the Elsmans, will find him and organize a meeting for both of you. Just tell me his name".

"His name is Tolle. Tolle Koenig. Will you really do it, sir?" Her eyelids were a little puffy from the tears but her blue eyes glittered with hope as she looked at him.

And her look spread the pleasant and warm feeling inside him.

"A word of honor!" He said solemnly. "I will do it. You will meet him. Just give me 2 days. And then come to the river bank at the southern part of the forest in 2 days at dawn. You will find him there".

With those words he climbed his horse and sat on its back gracefully.

"Well, pretty ladies, I have to go now. It was really nice to meet both of you".

"Wait!" asked Miriallia catching his attention. "How will I give it back?" she pointed at the cloak she was wrapped in.

He gave her a gentle smile.

"When we meet next time, beauty," after saying that he bent over to take her small hand in his and kissed it. The gentle contact made her cheeks flush.

"Take care!" the Baron said and straightened himself. He send a nod to Luna and then rode away, disappearing in the rays of an orange sunset, and leaving two girls standing on the ground, each in a deep thought.

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Chapter 4

When Baron Elsman rode away, the two girls just looked at each other and blinked.

"He is a very interesting person. He left two unprotected girls in the middle of nowhere, just to find your fiancé, Miriallia," said Lunamaria with a smile. The other girl just blushed.

"I want to thank you again, miss. You saved me. But I don't understand; why did you tell him that it was some prince who rescued us?"

The captain looked at the girl in front of her. She was just a drawler of the village, and couldn't bring any danger, right? Luna thought that she could open her identity to her. She took off her red cloak and revealed her summer dress.

The shocked expression on Miriallia's face meant that it was time for an explanation.

"I came from far-far away and I couldn't let those guardians see me in this." Luna pointed at her clothes.

"But it's an underwear!" said the auburn-haired girl a little too loud necessary. "Do women from your country wear it as an ordinary outfit?"

Luna sweat-dropped.

" could say that."

"If you want I can give you some of my clothes. I live not far from here. And I would really like to thank you for your help. So, clothes and some hot food is the least I can offer you."

"Thank you!" said Lunamaria. "I think I will accept your offer."

They headed to the bushes where a corner could be cut through the forest.

"By the way, where is he?" Luna thought, just as she rounded the corner and saw a body lying on a soft green grass behind the bushes.

"Oh my!" cried Miriallia, looking at the unconscious boy. "Is he dead?"

Luna was shocked to see the Prince in that state. She rushed to him and knelt beside the arrogant royal heir. The next thing she did was press her ear to his chest. To her happiness and relief his heartbeat was normal and his breathing was steady. The girl straightened herself and looked at the boy's handsome face. It was pale. He didn't look like he was sleeping. His state and the position he lay in told that he fainted for sure.

"Is he alright?" asked Miriallia nervously.

"I don't think so," answered Luna, getting up from her knees. "I told him to wait. Why couldn't he just do what he was told?" The girl was upset and furious at the same time. She couldn't stand seeing him sleeping again. It was too much for her at the same day.

Miriallia who was watching the mysterious girl's actions summoned all her braveness and dared to ask:

"Is he your husband? You seem to care about him so much…"

The shocked expression on Luna's red face told that the answer was opposite.

"I…what...never in my life!" she sputtered.

"Then, who is he?" demanded the other girl. "Do you know him?"

Hawke spoke without any other thought.

"He is the prince who saved us from those men."

Now it was Miriallia's turn to look at Luna like she had 4 heads.

"But he is unconscious," the blue-eyed beauty pointed out. "And it was you who saved me".

"It's a long story" Luna interrupted her, kneeling beside the boy again. "Help me to get him up. We need to take him to a doctor. Do you have a doctor in your village?"

"Yes. My grandmother is very good in plants. I think she can help," answered the other girl. She took one of the boy's arms and put it around her shoulder.

With great effort they managed to get the Prince up on his feet. Both girls tried their hardest to reach the village as soon as possible. The carriage was heavy, but they didn't complain. Luna told Miriallia that she met the prince at an abandoned castle and ended up travelling with him as he promised her to show the direction to the nearest village. Then they heard someone's squall and tried to find the person who needed help.

"I see," whispered the auburn-haired girl.

They walked through the forest passing by giant ancient trees. When they reached the cliff, Luna saw a view of a village down the hill.

"This is the place where I live. Let's hurry up before it gets dark." Miriallia pointed to their destination, and both girls headed down the cliff.

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"Where am I?"

When he opened his ruby-coloured eyes he couldn't understand where he was. He found himself lying on something soft and there was a ceiling above him. When he tried to sit up, there was a sudden unfamiliar woman's voice.

"I advise you to keep your strength, young man. Better lie down and take some more rest."

The Prince looked at the direction the voice was coming from. He saw an old woman with kind and gentle face, she came closer to him and handed a bowl of warm, delicious smelling food.

"You must be famished. Please, eat some."

His stomach growled when he inhaled the aroma of hot rice and fried fish. The boy's cheeks turned pink because of the embarrassment his stomach had put him in.

"What happened to me? And why am I here?" asked Prince Shinn taking the offered food from the woman's hands.

"Please, eat. Don't be shy," she smiled kindly at him. "I will answer as many questions as I can. As far as I can see, you fainted because of hunger and exhaustion. My granddaughter and a young miss had found you lying on the ground in the bushes. The young miss was really worried about you when they brought you here."

"You speak about the woman with short magenta-coloured hair?" he asked, taking another bite of the fish.

"Oh, here they are!" exclaimed the old woman happily when she noticed two girls entering the room.

"Prince!" cried Luna looking at the eating boy. "You're finally awake! How are you feeling?"

"She looks a little different than before" he noticed mentally. Now she was dressed in a dark blue dress with long sleeves and yellow ornaments on the ends of each hemmed sleeve. Her hair was long now and reached her low back easily. But how could her hair grow that much in a short period of time? Was it magic?

He couldn't take his eyes away from the beauty in front of him. She looked different. She looked beautiful, no, she looked gorgeous! The most beautiful princesses and noble ladies could not be compared with the mysterious girl with such unusual colour of her silky straight hair. The dress suited her so perfectly that she looked so fragile and feminine in it. The realization made him feel the warmth spreading inside and outside of his body.

She placed her cool palm on his soft cheek. That kind of a contact sent shivers down his spine. He immediately jerked his face away from the girl's hand. Luna sighed tiredly. Why was he so jumpy?

"I'm perfectly fine! You better tell me what I am doing here!" his voice once again was filled with arrogance; making Luna really mad. Oh, how she wanted to teach him some good manners!

"I see that his Highness is safe and sound," she began, trying her best to sound calm. "As an answer to your question…"

"I have already told him about how he lost consciousness," the old woman interrupted.

"She saved my life from those guardians," said Miriallia, putting some clothes on the bed beside the boy. "We found you when we headed to the village. You lay unmoving in the bushes. I thought you were dead back there, but Miss Luna checked your heartbeat and said that you were alive. So, we took you and brought you here."

He listened to everything Miriallia said but he couldn't bring himself to understand one thing.

"You saved her?" he looked at Lunamaria strangely and pointed at the other girl.

"Why are you so surprised?" asked Hawke. "I told you that I can deal with such things. And it's not my fault that you lost your consciousness before even starting to watch my rescue operation!"

"I will never believe it! You are a woman! Don't interfere with a men's job!"

"Please don't quarrel!" pleaded Miriallia when she noticed the expressions on their faces.

"Yes, children," said the old woman. "There is no need to get angry. Miss Luna saved my granddaughter and I'm very thankful for her help. And you, young man, must be also grateful because if not for the girl's help, you still would have laid there all alone in the woods. So, you'd better thank her and ask for forgiveness."

"What?" the Prince's eyes widened.

"It's not important, anyway," whispered Luna before standing up and heading to the door. But she froze when Miriallia's grandmother asked a very interesting question.

"Miss Lunamaria calls you a prince. Why?"

Shinn looked at the woman with mild interest and said:

"Because I am one. I can't see the reason why you need to ask."

"I'm asking you this because there are not so many princes in this Kingdom. What is your full name?"

"I'm Prince Shinn Asuka of Zaft Kingdom." He spoke slowly.

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"It can't be!" cried the woman.

The Prince blinked several times in a total surprise before he asked:

"What do you mean, it can't be? Can't be what?"

"How old are you?" she insisted.

Now he didn't understand anything. He really tried hard, but he couldn't find any strength to understand the woman's motivation of all those silly questions.

"I turned eighteen and last week I was privileged to help my father to rule the Kingdom," he answered with honor in his boyish voice.

"But it can't be true…" the woman whispered with her cold lips. "Prince Shinn lived a long time ago and was killed by a wild animal in the forest."

"Grandmother, what are you talking about?" now it was Miriallia's turn to look surprised.

The woman stood up and entered the other room. She came back with a little wooden board some minutes later. She showed it to the Prince.

"It's my family..." he said still not understanding the situation.

"This portrait was drawn more than 150 years ago."

"What!" the royal heir cried out.

"My great-grandmother was a nanny to Princess Mayu. Do you remember her name?" asked the woman with tears shining in her eyes.

Shinn thought hard to remember. "My sister's nanny's name was...Murrue Ramius."

"Yes. She lived 150 years ago. You're really Prince Shinn! You look exactly like that in the portrait. But how? The legend tells that you were killed by a wild animal. How did you survive?"

He was shocked. He didn't know what was happening.

"What going on? Who said I was killed? What happened to my family? Where am I?" he questioned frantically.

"Please, calm down."

Luna was shocked as well. She heard everything and she couldn't understand what happened to the Prince. It couldn't be that he had been sleeping for 150 years and her kiss brought him back to life!

"Life is not a fairytale," she told herself mentally.

"If you're really Prince Shinn, than your parents died many years ago as well as your sister. Zaft Kingdom is ruled by a vicious and evil king named Jibril.

He was silent. Luna turned her head to look at him. He was sitting on the bad with his head low. She couldn't see his face. It was covered with thick bangs of his raven hair. Suddenly a small laugh filled the room, which got louder and more hysteric each time. The Prince was laughing uncontrollably. He fell on his back and continued laughing. The females were worried. They didn't know what to do to calm him down. Luna felt his misery and pain and rushed to his side.

"Please, bring me some water and my bag," she asked the two other women. They understood and left immediately.

"Prince Shinn," she called gently.

He continued laughing hysterically until his laughs changed into sobs. The boy rolled on his side, clutching the sheets in his fists, and he cried out a silent cry of pain, loneliness, angriness, misery and hopelessness. His eyes were shut but hot tears were rolling down his handsome face.

Luna's heart ached. She couldn't bear to see the way he suffered from losing his family. She knew that feeling. Her father was announced as MIA (Missed in Action) and he never came home after that. That's why she joined the army and continued the business of her father's life. He was struggling for peace and she wanted to continue his dream.

"Prince Shinn," she whispered one more time before lying beside him and hugging him. To her great surprise he wrapped his arms around her and pressed her small frame to him firmly. His wet face was buried in her shoulder. He was crying and murmuring. His moans could be heard through frequent sniffs. Even when they say that men don't cry, she couldn't agree with that statement. The boy was only 18, and losing family in a blink of an eye is something awful that couldn't be compared with any other situation.

"Shh…calm down. I'm here…for you, you're not alone.." was all she managed to say in spite of the tears that filled her own eyes.

After some period of time his sobs quieted. His tense position loosened. Once in a while he sniffed but it was nothing comparing with the situation a little while ago. She could tell by his now steady breathing that he cried himself to sleep.

Luna stroked his hair one more time before trying to stand up carefully so that he wouldn't wake, but the firm grip on her waist and back stopped her. Every time she tried to slip from his embrace she ended up being pressed to him with more strength.

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"He is asleep!" she thought. "Where does he get that strength? Well, I have no other choice but to stay here until he wakes up."

Two hours had passed when Luna felt a body shift beside her. She didn't notice how she fell asleep but it was very warm and calming lying like that. She slowly opened her eyes to meet two shocked ruby orbs. The prince stared at her face and a deep scarlet blush coloured his cheeks. Their faces were barely touching. He could feel her lightly moving chest against his own as she breathed. How did they end up in such position anyway?

"Are you feeling better?" was her gentle question.

Only now he felt a terrible headache. But it wasn't important. The main question that was dancing in his mind was:

"What are you doing in my bed?"

She was surprised to hear that but this time his stupid question didn't hurt her pride. She just looked at him with gentle lavender eyes and hugged his Highness with relief.

"I'm glad that you're alright now."

He could answer nothing. He was too shocked by her gesture of kindness. He didn't know why but he felt an urge to hug her back, but his impulse was interrupted by her words.

"Now…if you'll allow me, I'd like to stand up and stretch a little. I think I fell asleep. Could you please let me go now?"

The Prince looked at her in confusion, trying to understand the meaning of her words. He glanced down and noticed that it wasn't only her who was hugging him. His own arms were wrapped around her slim figure protectively. No one could come in or come out through those arms.

"That means that it is me who is holding her! Now I remember…I heard some harsh news and…and…"

Suddenly she felt his body tensed. Luna looked at his face and saw that his eyes were widened and emotionless. Tears were forming in the corners of his mysterious orbs. Not letting another hysterics happen, she slapped his cheek with all her strength as her position allowed at that moment. He cried out in pain and grabbed his red burning cheek. Luna took the advantage of the situation and stood up quickly.

"How dare you do that to a royal heir!" he exclaimed angrily standing up and approaching her.

"Listen, I don't want you to lose your mind. Please, get a grip on yourself. We are not in the best situation right now. Someone had put you to sleep for 150 years and your Kingdom is in danger now. Miriallia told me that every man from every village had been taken and forced to work in the mines. You need to find out what happened!"

"But what can I do all by myself?" he said and looked down. His next words could barely be heard. "If only my father was here. I'm so useless."

Luna sympathized for him. She didn't know how it felt to wake up and learn that you had been sleeping for more than a century and you didn't belong to the world you lived in anymore, but she could feel his pain and despair. Her hand lay on his firm shoulder.

"You are not alone, prince! I will help you. We will win this war! It's my duty to help and protect innocent people."

He looked up at her curiously.

"Who are you?"


Was it safe to open her identity? If she told him who she really was there might be a possibility that she would have big problems later. But-

"Oh, you two are awake already!" said Miriallia entering the room. "I didn't want to disturb you earlier. When I came in with a glass of water, you two were already hugging each other, so I thought…" she paused and looked at them. "What? Why are you looking at me like that? And why are you both so red?"

"I-it's nothing…" Luna mumbled before trying to change the topic. "So, where is your granny?"

"Oh, she went to visit an old woman in our village. She is ill and granny takes care of her."

"I see…"

"Are you two hungry?" asked the girl with wide smile. "I prepared some food. Would you like to eat?"

"I guess…" said Hawke

And the three of them went to the kitchen.

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Miriallia answered all the questions. King Jibril wanted to start a war with Orb Kingdom. But Orb Kingdom and PLANT Kingdom got united so the war had been put off for a while.

"We lived a normal life and paid big taxes but two years ago King Jibril ordered to take all men from all the villages. We don't know what happened. Everything turned upside down."

"I have to stop him!" cried Luna and the Prince at the same time, hitting the table with their fists.

"Don't interfere!" he told her. "You can't do anything! And you don't know how cruel a war can be!"

Well, now he caught her very pride. A pride of a soldier!

"I don't know what a war is? Excuse me! I know it better than you!"

"Oh, please, don't quarrel again," pleaded Miriallia, rolling her eyes.

"Explain than…you're a wanderer, and a woman at that. You have nothing to do with our problems. You don't belong to our Kingdom anyway. Why do you want to stop the king?" the royal heir asked not even noticing the auburn-haired girl's words.

"I have my own reasons. So, like it or not, but I will be helping you from now on, because I need to make sure that the Jibril we are talking about is the same man that I want to stop!"

His Highness gritted his straight white teeth and growled.

"Alright! But you're a woman! So, from now on I will be protecting you. Like it or not, but you have no other choice but to obey me!" A sly grin touched his perfect lips.

"What?" gasped Luna. "I'm not your maid. I can take care of myself!"

"Guys…" Miriallia started.

"What?" Luna and the Prince turned their heads and asked a little too loud. Miriallia slowly stepped away.

"Are you sure that you're not married? You act like my Aunty Talia and Uncle Gilbert."

"Never in my life will I marry such a stubborn and poor behaved woman!"

"Don't think too high of yourself your Highness! I'd rather marry a frog than you!"

Nobody could tell when their little fight would end if not for Miriallia's grandmother's arrival.

"Oh, I see they couldn't share something again.."

"Grandmother, please stop them! They don't listen to me just keep on arguing and calling each other names," pleaded a scared girl.

Well, with the help of an adult the peace was repaired again.


Two days had passed. Miriallia was waiting for the dear meeting with her beloved. She was so excited about it. At last she would be able to see Tolle's face again. It was hard to believe. Two years of separating and finally the night of reunion.

The girl wore the finest dress that she had and was ready to go.

"Do you want me to come with you?" asked Luna who couldn't bring herself to sleep that night as well. She had a recurrent argue with a certain person. And now she felt a terrible headache.

"No, thank you," said the girl. "I will be fine, it's not far from here".

"Take care! I feel really happy for you. I wish I could meet my father again," whispered the magenta-haired girl. But the other female didn't hear those words.

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And finally the dawn came. She rushed through the forest to reach the place where her beloved was waiting for her.



Just a little bit more…

And then she saw a silhouette of a man. The first sun rays threw light on his figure.

"Tolle!" she cried.

The man turned to face her only to meet a surprised gaze of sky-blue eyes.

"Young miss," he began but she interrupted him.

"You are not Tolle. Where is he?" she looked around her but couldn't see anybody else.

"Please, I need to tell you something. Listen to me, Miss Miriallia," his eyes were filled with sorrow. He made two steps closer to her. "As I have promised you, I found your fiancé. I'm really sorry to tell you this but he passed away 1 year ago. He fell sick and died two weeks later because of a fever. Before his death he gave this to one villager so that if he ever gained freedom again, someday he would give it to you." with those words the tanned man outstretched his arm. There was a little silver ring on his palm. Miriallia took it in her hands and stared at it for a while. Hot tears began rolling down her pale cheeks.

"TOLLE!" she cried. Her body began shaking as hard sobs escaped her mouth.

He couldn't see the girl like that. He felt really sorry for her loss. He didn't notice how, but his arms had already found their place around the girl's small frame. Even as Baron, this was the one time that his name couldn't help.

"I don't know what's going on," he said desperately. "But I promise to find the truth why people die in mines and why they suffer so much."

She heard his words but couldn't bring herself to answer. The only thing that she felt right now was an unbearable pain and emptiness inside.

"Thank you," was all she managed to whisper in his broad chest.



"What do you want, Elsman? Can't you see that I'm busy right now?" answered a platinum-haired tall man.

"We need to talk," the Baron demanded. Then he turned his face to the beautiful girl and bowed to her. "Forgive my rudeness, Countess. I did not notice your presence"

"Cut out the formalities, Sir Dearka. We are not at a ball," she showed a beautiful smile of her pink lips. "We've known each other since we were children."

"Thank you, Lady Shiho. May I talk to your fiancé?"

"As you wish."

"Thank you," the Baron smiled and bowed again.

The girl went out of the room.

"What do you want, Dearka? Don't you know how hard it is to find the right words to start a conversation with her?" said a depressed man, sitting down in the armchair.

"I really can't understand what your problem is, Yzak. Shiho is an easygoing and friendly type of a woman. Why are you so tensed around her? She is your fiancée!" the blond man came closer to his friend and sat opposite him.

"She is easygoing with you because you two are like brother and sister. I've known her only for 2 months!" cried Yzak.

"This is your problem, Earl Joule. You don't want to know her better…"

Dearka was interrupted by his friend's sudden outburst.

"I was trying to know her better when you came and spoiled the moment!"

"Calm down…I'm sure there will be plenty of chances to introduce yourself to Countess Hahnenfuss."

"We have been already introduced to each other," was the gloomy answer. The blond only rolled his eyes.

"Yzak, there is something I need to discuss." Elsman's tone became serious. "Lately, I've faced some problems. I was a witness of a crime. Our soldiers attacked a young girl on the empty rode and wanted to do bad things to her. Then I found out that people in the mines and pits are dying every day from different illnesses. Today I was at the King's. I asked him why such accidents happen but he just smiled and told me not to stick my nose in business that doesn't concern me."

"So, what do you want from me?" asked the other man tiredly.

"You are a general of our army. You must know better than anyone that with such amount of soldiers as we have now, we will lose the war. Innocent people die every day and the army is poor! What does his Majesty think about? We have to find out what's going on!"

"Is that all you wanted to tell me?" the Earl stood up and looked at the window.

"Why are you so indifferent?" Dearka stood up too. "Our Kingdom is in danger! Do you remember the history of Zaft? It was a great and glorious Kingdom with strong army and patriotic drawlers. The main morals of the Kingdom were justice and virtue. That's why our forefathers lived happily. Look at what we have now! People suffer…"

"Enough!" commanded Yzak facing the Baron. "It was long ago. Nowadays there is no Asuka dynasty. We must save what we have now and not look back at the past. If King Jibril decided to break out a war than we must obey him. Because he is a King and we are his servants".

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Baron Elsman looked at the man with pity.

"I thought you wanted a family…Please, think about our future-if there is any future for us."

The Baron bowed to the man and left the room.

"You are leaving so early?" she met him in a long corridor.

"Yes, milady, I have a lot of work to do," he said slowing down his pace.

"What's wrong, Dearka? You look upset."

"Your dress is very beautiful but it can't be compared with your stunning beauty, Shiho." he smiled.

"Don't try to skip the answer. You know that I'm not that stupid to fall for your compliments."

Well, a Countess was a Countess. She knew him too well.

"I don't know what to do, Shiho," he lowered his head. "I feel that something is wrong but I can't find the proof. I thought that your fiancé would help me, but he doesn't want to listen. We are on the edge of war but the discipline in the army is very poor. I can't guarantee that there is no possibility of traitors among the soldiers."

She listened to his every word very attentively.

"Dearka, I know you as well as myself. If you say that something is not right, I believe you. Don't give up! Try to find out the source of the problem. I will do everything that is in my power to help you."

The young man smiled again.

"Thank you, dear Shiho."


"Earl Joule!" she walked into the room and approached an attractive young man with platinum hair who stood near the window deep in thought.

"How was your talk?" she asked. The sweet scent of her perfume made him turn his head and look at her beautiful face. He could feel his cheeks flush.

"You have nothing to worry about, milady. We discussed some politics." He said calmly.

"Tell me the truth, Earl. Baron Elsman was disappointed after he left this room," she insisted.

"You don't have to worry. Everything is under control," was his firm answer.

But it didn't satisfy the Countess.

"Dearka told me that you have problems with your army. We are on the edge of war. If you say everything is under control than I'd like to know the details."

"It's not necessary for you to know," he answered aggressively.

"I'm your fiancée and a future mother of your heirs! I have all rights to know!" she was inexorable.

He ignored her demand and turned his face back to the window.

"Good. If his Honour doesn't want to talk to me than let him know that I don't want to become a widow because of this war and mostly because of the fact that his soldiers will not protect their general". With those words she took off the ring from her wedding finger and gave it to him.

"Wait, Countess! What does it mean?" asked the Earl with widened eyes.

"It means exactly the same as you think it means."

"But you cannot! We are engaged!"

"If you don't change your attitude towards me and continue having secrets from me than I will break our engagement." She was serious. Her eyes were warning him not to joke around with her.

He was furious inside. Never in his life was he so humiliated. And by whom? By a woman! His pride had been wounded.

"Well, if you have nothing to say, I'll be going than," after those words the dark-haired beauty exited the room leaving a mad Earl alone with his thoughts.

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"Don't hold me so tight! It's hard to breathe, you know!"

She wasn't afraid, she was just nervous. She liked horses, they were very good and kind animals, but she had never rode a horse in her live! It felt frightening to sit on the back of an animal and feel it's every move under yourself. Luna wrapped her arms around the first thing she had found to keep the balance. And that thing was the Prince's very torso.

"Have you ever ridden a horse before?" he arched his elegant dark eyebrow as he asked and glanced at the girl behind him.

"Never," was her timid answer.

The boy exhaled. Well, alright. He was on the horse's back with a girl who had never ridden a horse in her life and who could suffocate him to death if she squeeze her hands a little more.

"Get off!" he said firmly.

"What for?" she didn't understand.

"I told you to get off!" repeated the Prince of Zaft.

The girl jumped from the horse's back down on the ground.

"Now climb up again!" he ordered.

"You're joking, right? Why did you tell me to get off when it was not necessary?"

"It was necessary. If you don't hurry I will go without you," was an arrogant answer.

"Argh!" roared the girl and began climbing the animal. But to her surprise she was taken on the seat by the Prince. He took her under her arms and sat the girl in front of himself.

"Prince Shinn," she said quietly.

He didn't answer or look at her. His face felt warm but he tried his best to ignore the feeling. The horse slowly began to move. It was a good idea to sit like that. Now Luna wasn't so afraid to fall. She felt a protective aura coming from the boy.

They rode to the Zaft Kingdom. The main goal of the trip was investigation.

"You know, you look really good in these clothes, your Highness," said Luna and giggled.

He was dressed in common clothes of a common commoner from a common village.

"If it was not for a camouflage, I'd rather wear a girl's dress," he answered, sounding depressed.

"Oh, really?" laughed Luna.

"Stop laughing at a royal heir!" he said proudly.

"I'm not, your Highness! By the way, if we are spies now I will call you just by your name. And you can call me Luna."

The boy rolled his eyes.


His eyebrow twitched as he heard how she called him so informally.

"May I ask you a question? Why do your eyes have such a strange dark-red colour?"

Well, he decided to skip the explanation of how rude it was not to wait for an answer from him to her first question before asking her second question.

"Why do you want to know?" he asked indifferently.

"I have never seen such colour of eyes in my life," she explained.

"It is a pride of our family. Whenever a boy is born in our dynasty, if he has ruby-coloured eyes it means that he has a mysterious power".

"And you also have it?"

"I must have it but I don't know what kind of power it is. When I was a child my father told me that my grandfather had the same eye colour as I. He could travel through times. I don't really understand what it means. But as I was told, he brought a wife from there—my grandmother. Father also had told me that I would possess the power at my 18th birthday. It was a week ago…or 150 years and a week ago if to be correct. But I don't feel anything unusual about myself..."

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"Maybe you will know it later," she tried to cheer him up.

"Who knows," he breathed.

"Surrender!" a command from out of nowhere was yelled. They both looked around and saw three soldiers with their blades pointed at them.

"Oh great!" whispered Shinn through gritted teeth. "It is your fault that we have been noticed!"

"WHAT!" said Luna in disbelief. "How come it's my fault? If you paid attention everything would have been fine!"

"If you didn't distract me with your stupid questions nothing would have happened!" he yelled at her.

"Oh, really?" The girl turned herself on horse's back and now she was facing him. "Than if you're so smart then why did you answer them at the first place?"

"I…" he began but couldn't find the right words to object. He inhaled and answered angrily. "Just close your mouth, woman!"

Her eyes widened from shock and fury.

"What did you say!" she yelled. "Better take your words back or you will regret it!"

"Ha!" he smirked crossing his arms on his chest. "Like I will…"

"We ordered you to surrender!" repeated the soldier surprised by their actions and total ignorance.

"Alright!" roared an angry captain. "Then you asked for it!" And she punched him at the stomach. Well, it was really hard to do due to the position she sat in. As Luna finished her punishment she felt as she began losing her balance. To prevent herself from falling down Hawke grabbed the first thing she had found. It was the Prince's neck. He bowed a little because of her punch and now there was a good access to his head.

He felt like he had been pulled down with great force. But unfortunately he didn't hold the reins at that moment and everything ended up with him losing his balance as well. Now it was his turn to found something to hold on to. His arms wrapped around something soft before he fell from the horse.

There was a loud thud as two bodies hit the ground. Luna cried out in pain when her back met a hard surface and something heavy pressed her to it. She couldn't breathe. Her head was spinning and she felt dizzy.

Suddenly she had been rolled by some mysterious powers and then she felt like she was lying on something firm but quite soft and….it was moving, and moaning!

The girl opened her eyes immediately and met an angry gaze of two wine-coloured eyes.

"You could kill us!" he shouted with fury.

"I'm…I'm sorry" was a bare whisper. She was so frightened by what had just happened. She didn't even notice that her hands were still wrapped around his neck. And he didn't paid attention that his arms were still lying on her back pressing her to him protectively.

"Are you alright? Does it hurt anywhere?" she asked worriedly.

"Stupid! It must be me who should ask you such questions! I fell on you! Do you know how dangerous it was for you? You're so careless!" he continued shouting at her.

She felt guilty. Luna understood that it was her fault that they ended up like that. But her thoughts were interrupted.

"You're under arrest!"

They heard a voice. Oh…how could they forget about the soldiers!

"Excuse us please. We are just villagers. We came here to see the King," Luna tried to explain not standing up from the Prince's body.

"We will see who you really are when we take you to the colonel,"


The Prince just sighed heavily. He rolled to the side and laid her on the ground carefully. Then he stood up and outstretched his hand towards the girl. She appreciated his gesture of help and gave him her small hand. With his help she stood up slowly.

"Alright! Now take us to where you wanted to!" ordered the Prince.

The guardians lost their speech-gift. They were totally surprised by that villager's intonation.

"How dare you order us around!" shouted the soldier.

The royal heir rolled his beautiful eyes not for the first time that day and shook his head.

"What a discipline in the army nowadays," he sighed and said ironically.

"Repeat what you said!"

"I said," the handsome boy began proudly, "That the discipline in the army is below zero."

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Luna looked at the scene in shock. Oh, why did he spoil the moment!

"It's all because of his arrogance!" she thought.

"You will regret those words, commoner!" shouted the soldier before rushing to the boy with his blade.

Prince was ready to reflect the attack. He grabbed the hilt of his sword that was hidden under the cloak.

But the punishment never happened. A loud sound disturbed the moment. It was a gunshot. Luna recognized the sound.

"What is going on here?" asked the voice with a commanding tone.

"C-colonel!" the soldier was surprised to see the leader whose gun-blade was drawn.

The colonel's lavender eyes held a stern gaze. He looked at everyone. The girl with long magenta hair caught his attention. He saw her before but her hair was not that long as it was now.

"Sir, we stopped two villagers who planned to cross the borders and reach the palace," said another soldier.

"I see. I will take care of them. You're dismissed."

"But sir…"

"I said it's not your business now. Or are you trying to disobey my orders?" his light eyebrow arched.

"N-no, sir! Not at all!"

And they got lost.

"Now-now, pretty lady. We meet again" he said with a sly smile.

"My salutations, Baron Elsman!" she smiled back with a bow.

"Now, will you tell me why did you want to reach the castle?"

"Well…we…" she stuttered

"We wanted to meet the King" said the Prince, stepping forward.

"Hmm…and who are you then?" the lavender eyes met ruby orbs in a fight.

"I'm Pr-"

But Luna quickly covered his mouth with her palm.

"He is my older brother!" she smiled sheepishly.

"An" he questioned suspiciously.

"Yes...just my brother."

"Then why do you look so different?" The Baron continued his questions.

"It's…it's because he is my step-brother. We have different fathers," she continued to lie without even blinking.

The Prince rolled his eyes. He took away her hand from his mouth and asked the guy on a horse.

"Why do you interrogate her?"

"Haha…it's my duty to know everything. By the way, what are you doing here when all men from the villages had been taken to work in the mines and pits?"

"He didn't pass!" cried out Luna.

"Huh?" the Baron surprised to hear that.

"He has a crippled foot, that's why he didn't pass the standards…" her head was spinning because of all those lies she had told already.

"WHAT?" asked both young men looking at her in total astonishment.

"I think you're lying to me, beauty," the tan-skinned man said firmly. "Better tell me the truth or I will arrest both of you."

She sighed in despair.

"I'm Prince Shinn of Zaft Kingdom. The 15th of the Asuka dynasty."

Luna looked up at him with disbelief in her eyes.

"Prince…" she whispered.

"You must be joking. Do you know how long ago the Asuka lived?" said Baron Elsman.

"Yes," he looked at him with a challenge in his own mysterious eyes "it was 150 years ago. So, you must be proud to see the royal heir with your own eyes."

"A diversion?" asked the blond man no one in particular. "He wants to kill our King Jebril and gain the throne," he was reasoned with himself. A glint of suspicion showed in his eyes. Then he looked at the boy and said:

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"Don't try to fool me, young man! And you, miss, do you help him in his dirty plans?" he arched his eyebrow again.

"No," she answered firmly. "I'm helping his Highness to return what belongs to him back. This is his right as an heir of the Asuka dynasty".

"Well-well…" Dearka rubbed his chin deep in thought. "I'd really like to believe you two, but it's impossible. And I have no other choice but to arrest you as the leaders of a diversion against our King".

"Can you keep secrets?" asked the girl who looked at him with confidence in her violet orbs. "If you promise us that you will not tell anyone, we will show you the proof of our rightness".

He looked at the girl attentively. So did the Prince, who didn't know what was on her mind.

"I know that you're a good person, Baron Elsman," she said. "You helped Miriallia and she is very thankful."

When he heard the girl's name he felt somehow upset.

"How is she?" was all that he asked.

"Time heals but now she can't stop crying," the magenta-haired girl answered sorrowfully.

"I will go with you," he decided finally. "But don't try to do anything stupid. I'm armored and can punish you any moment." was his warning.


They rode to the abandoned castle. Luna sat with Baron Elsman. She didn't want to start a new argument with the arrogant royal heir if he didn't like anything.

So, here they were.

"A week ago I found this abandoned castle," said Hawke.

"What is that?" cried Dearka when he saw a huge rotting body with a foul stench near the castle walls.

"The castle was guarded by the dragon," explained the girl. "I killed it and-"

"You did what?" was a shocked question.

"I don't believe her either," added the Prince, brushing the hair out of his face.

"Believe it or not, but it was me who killed it."

" tell, where is the proof?" the Prince asked playfully knowing that there was none.

"If you want to see it so much than look!" she said angrily taking a small ball from her bag.

Both men looked at her actions and understood nothing. They looked at her like she was insane.

Meanwhile, Lunamaria pulled some ring from the ball and threw the ball as far as she could, not to mention as quickly as she could.

"Lie down!" she commanded. Of course no one followed her order.

The next moment they heard a loud sound of explosion. And both men didn't notice how they lay down on the ground. When the smoke faded away the Baron and the Prince found that they were alive. They were covered with thick layer of dust and little stones. More than that, the place where they were lying was some meters away from where they had stood before the explosion.

When they looked up they saw that the biggest part of the wall had been destroyed. The two men looked at the girl with wide eyes.

"Alright, I believe you, miss," said the Baron standing up.

The Prince was speechless. He was looking at her like she came from another world. But unfortunately, he didn't have a clue at that moment that he was right.

"So, what was next?" said the blond man.

Luna smiled with triumph and said solemnly:

"I found Prince Shinn in the tower right up there," she pointed at the very upper window of a small tower.

They went inside the castle. Everything remained the same as from the previous visit. It was cold, dark, dusty and scaring. When they walked into the room where she had found the Prince, she showed a bed where he had been sleeping.

"Whatever I did he couldn't wake up," she continued telling.

"Then how did you wake him up?" asked the Baron.

The Prince also wanted to know how she managed to bring him back to life.

But she couldn't tell them the truth. It was so embarrassing even to think about it! A remembrance that her first kiss had been given to that arrogant royal heir made her cheeks burning.

"I poured some water on his face and it worked," was her cheap lie.

She knew that they would never believe her. She knew that there was nothing left to defend herself, when…

"Yes, I remember when I woke up my face, hair and neck were all wet," said the Prince thoughtfully.

She was saved!

"Oh, Prince! You're awesome!" but she stopped those thoughts immediately.

"I see," Dearka sat on the bed and was absorbed with his own thoughts.

The other two also sat on the bed. The three of them sighed in unison.

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